Mystic Coated Titanium Quartz Crystal (silver wire)

Yukon Rustic Jewelry

I just found these incredible crystals this fall and hope you love them as much as I do. The titanium treatment brings out the beautiful blues, purples and golds in the crystals. An interesting conversation piece for the scientists in the crowd. Great for those special occasions or a more casual look.

Crystal Size: 1.25 x .5 inch
*Photos are enlarged to show the details and due to monitor settings colours may vary a bit from the original.

Cord Length: 21 inches
*If you would like a different length cord, please contact me.

Cord Material: Black Leather

Metal: Tarnish Resistant Silver Plated Wire

I love working with crystals as each is unique and prefer simple wire twists and spirals only to accent the crystals’ natural beauty.

Treat yourself, or someone special to a handmade, one of a kind pendant created from my remote rustic cabin home in the Yukon wilderness. And know that you are holding an original creation that took mother nature tens of thousands years to create.

Titanium Crystal Meaning: Promotes healing, works as an energizer.

*For more info please refer to "Semi-Precious Gemstone Meanings" page.

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