Necklaces have been an integral part of all cultures since the time of ancient civilizations and pre-date the invention of writing. During the Bronze Age the discovery of how to melt metal and cast it created a whole new art form to the making of necklaces for men and women, and metal chains also became possible. In many cultures, a necklace is the most important piece of adornment used to communicate identity, position, or a repository of a woman's or family's wealth. Examples of this can still be seen today in many nomadic cultures around the world where necklaces of heavy silver or gold include elements such as amber, coral beads, or silver coins; portable "savings accounts" that can be converted to money when required.

Throughout Western history both men and women wore necklaces until the 18th century. The 60's hippie pop culture and the 70's disco craze made it fashionable for European and American men to wear necklaces again. I am always looking for new products to create my necklaces with and I am happy to be able to offer all of you a unique and wide variety of styles, colours, gemstones and minerals. Be sure to check the site for ongoing new products.

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