Crystals Necklaces

Quartz crystals are the largest and most diverse family in the mineral kingdom, found on nearly every continent, in virtually every colour conceivable. Clear Quartz, known as the Perfect Jewel, contains the entire colour spectrum. Throughout history, Clear Quartz has been valued by nearly every civilization as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria, where the sun's power was believed to be harnessed through a crystal as a source of solar energy refraction. They, along with Native American and African tribes, ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans, Scots and countless other cultures used Clear Quartz in diagnostic healing, meditations and spiritual development, as religious objects and in funerary rites, and to dispel evil and magical enchantments.

In ancient Rome when Quartz Crystal was believed to be ice solidified over the course of long years, ladies of wealth carried crystal balls in their hands to cool themselves during summer weather. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the colour spectrum by refracting sunlight through a natural crystal. Reflecting the rainbow on his wall allowed him to measure the different lengths of the rays of the visible light spectrum.