Bloodstone celebrates the month of February...

February 06, 2018

Last year we discussed Amethyst and Jasper that represent the month of February. This time around, I will discuss Bloodstone; a gemstone that also celebrates this month depending on which calendar you prefer to follow. For those who may be interested; listed below are other schools of thought and the corresponding gemstones for the month of February.

Modern Calendar System: Amethyst

- Adopted by “Jewellers of America” in 1912

Mystical Birthstone: Bloodstone

Tibetan origin that date back over a thousand years.

Ayurvedic Birthstone: Amethyst

Date back to Indian Medicine and beliefs from 1500 BC.

Zodiac or Star Signs:

Zodiac Aquarius Sign: Jan. 21 - Feb.19: Jasper
Zodiac Pisces Sign: Feb. 20 - March 20: Ruby

Planetary Stones: Ancient beliefs associated specific gemstones with the planets. It was thought that wearing the stone associated with the ruling planets at your time of birth would offer positive effects in your life.

Aquarius: Uranus - Turquoise
Pisces: Neptune - Aquamarine

Bloodstone is known as the symbol of justice; legends say it was formed when drops of Christ's blood fell and stained some jasper stones that were at the foot of the cross. Thereafter, medieval Christians used to carve scenes of the crucifixion of martyrs into bloodstone. 

Bloodstone Boulders 

One has to be careful when purchasing this gemstone as there are many fake bloodstones on the market. To tell if the stone is real; rub the stone on porcelain and if blood red scars appear, it is genuine.

Sitting Budha made from Bloodstone.

In ancient times, bloodstones were believed to be magical stones. Warriors used to carry bloodstone amulets with them to help stop the bleeding from their wounds and to protect them from the evil eye.

Date: 6-7th century. Byzantine silver mounted pendant carved in Bloodstone.

Beautiful carved statue from Red Bloodstone.

Valentine’s Day is coming up guys!!!


Bloodstone Pendant

Days are getting longer...spring is on its' way!!!

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