Winter is Here!!!

November 14, 2017

Fall Recap:
The tourist sales season wrapped up at the end of September for Tashi and I this year as the weather cooperated….not to many cold blistering cold rainy days to contend with!!!

                                             End of season customers.

Then it was time to enjoy the last of fall colours….

                       Fall colours with Dall Peak in the background.

And get ready for winter….

          My security blanket...a full woodshed to keep me warm in the winter.

I do have running water even in winter…came up with this invention several years ago....trick is to place a wooden box in the creek as it starts to freeze and than cover it with a piece of styrofoam and bank snow around it! Tadaa…alot easier than having to a drill hole in the lake ice every couple of weeks.

                   Can't beat cool, clean, untreated water right from the creek.

As the days cool off and snows start to blanket the mountain tops, it is a real treat to see the Mountain Goats just above the highway. Their winter coats an indicator that winter is drawing near.

                                              Nanny with her kid.

I have been busy this last month getting ready for the Holiday Season that is just around the corner; creating new necklaces and earrings. Happy to say that I finished adding the new inventory to the my online store last night!!!


Now that I have caught up with things, I look forward to the quiet winter days. And to receive all the goodies in the mail I ordered to design new jewelry with!!! I look forward to sharing it with you all.

                   Mists on lake as temperatures drop...winter is here!!!

All the best,

Jacqueline and Tashi 

                                     A sad Tashi...already missing all his summer buddies!!!


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