Busy Fall and the Dark of Winter is on its way...

November 27, 2016

My roadside craft season closed at the end of September.  Was pleased with my new craft trailer that I built last March. Not only is it weather proof, it also saves me time in both set up and take down. The season was slower than last year for all of us up here, due to the U.S. election and economy. But we are optimistic next year will be better.

October was a time to unwind and get as many outdoor work projects accomplished before the arrival of cold temperatures and winter snows. Next project was the interior renovations on the craft trailer. I designed a new backdrop that I stained a dark walnut colour and hung some beautiful pieces of driftwood to display the necklaces and earrings. I also made new shelves for my craft supplies that will make life so much easier...no more digging in boxes trying to find things. And yes, get that cabin woodshed filled...my security blanket…heat!!

 Tashi and I getting the Christmas tree last week south of home.

As winter slowly approaches I look forward to spending afternoons at my craft table creating!!! First on my list is crafting some fun purse clips and key chains for next years season. I have a wide assortment of funky beads, shells, small stones and leather strips that are calling. I also have some new semi precious stones and sliced agate druzy that I am really excited to work with.

A lot of time is being spent on the computer, getting the word out about my new online store. As any one in a new business, one seems to spend as much time promoting as creating.


My dog Tashi is having fun helplessly chasing rabbits on our daily walks. Their coats have already turned their winter white. We had a touch of snow a few weeks ago but it has now melted, so the rabbits now really stand out. We also have quite a few lynx in the area, but Tashi has not quite figured out what they are. They do like his collection of bones in the yard though, as does our resident weasel. The weasel and Tashi entertain me with the game of cat and mouse they play in the woodshed every winter. The weasel will peak his head out between the logs and call to him and then hide. Then peak out again...Tashi does not stand a chance of getting him though and the weasel knows it.

 ***Took this photo earlier this fall just a mile north of my home. Lynx is looking down at Tashi who is going crazy at the base of the tree!!!

The Holiday Season is quickly coming as can be seen everywhere, even up here. I have been thinking about this and whether or not to start promoting some “sale” as most folks do.

But I have chosen instead, with your help, to support a friend called Sangbo and his nonprofit organization “Wegain.” Sangbo was born and raised in Kathmandu near the Boudhananth Stupa ( map link) and his ongoing efforts have created some incredible positive changes in his neighbourhood and throughout Nepal. Rather than list all his projects in this newsletter, you can check out his Facebook Page to see some of the amazing work he and his volunteers have been doing.


I met Sangbo when I was living there for several years and rented a room in his family’s complex. They are wonderful people and were my support network while I was there. I will be donating 5% of my online profits to Wegain. Thank you for your help in supporting Sangbo’s ongoing projects.

Enjoy the coming winter season!

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