Beware of Toxic Cadmium in Costume Jewelry and Components...

February 23, 2017

I watched this report recently on cadmium in costume jewelry and components and was shocked and why I am sharing it with you. Please take the time to watch the report by clicking on the first link below and reading the follow up report on the second link I have posted below. Be sure to share this information with your freinds to help get the word out there.

Market Place: Sarah Bridge · CBC News - January 15, 2016

Toxic jewelry: Cadmium found in Ardene, Aldo products…
Jewelry bought from popular fashion chains contains toxic cadmium….

Market Place: David Common · CBC News - Update - February 17, 2017

Ardene removes toxic jewelry from stores, vows change….
Last year's investigation into cadmium levels in low-cost jewelry leads to response from retailer, government…..

Fashion retailer Ardene says it has adopted a new testing regime and stricter limits on suppliers in an effort to reduce levels of a toxic metal in its jewelry.
The moves are an about-face for the Quebec-based retailer, which made no visible in-store changes when shown test results from a CBC Marketplace investigation last year.

Hope all of you are enjoying the last of winter...


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