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November 25, 2016


This is my fun blog where I will share with you the answers to those weird and quirky questions…questions that pop into our mind out of the blue as we are going about our day. Questions that come up when you are sitting around with friends sharing a coffee!! Or, more often than not, questions that a curious child asks leaving us adults stumped for an answer. Some questions and answers may be informative and some are just meant to add a chuckle to your day!!!

For all those travellers out there who have experienced this during long flights. Why do your feet swell up so much on airplanes?
If you are like me, I assumed it had something to do with altitude or air pressure, and that is what most people will tell you…wrong!!!

Your feet will swell up whether on the ground or in the air for the same reason…lack of activity!!! When you sit for long periods of time blood and other fluids collect in your feet causing swelling. And it makes no difference whether you leave your shoes on or take them off.

When you are active your leg muscles, like your heart act as a pump; assisting the movement of blood and other fluids throughout your body. So no matter the location, this swelling will occur during most peoples daily lives and why it is recommended to purchase new footwear mid afternoon instead of shortly after you have woken up. Chances are you will find that you new footwear will be a bit on the tight side if purchased in the morning.

Now lets take the leap from 2 feet to 43,560 sq. feet. Can any of you guess what that would designate? For us old school folks and our friends south of the border, that is the measurement of an acre of land. But just exactly how did that come to be? Acre is the Anglo-Saxon word that translates as the amount of land that a farmer could plow in one day by a yoke of oxen and was utilized before the tenth century.

Although there were obvious variables due to equipment and animals used and topography of the land, by the rein of Henry VIII those in power agreed to a standardization. An acre of land measure 40 poles in length by a 4 poles width (160 square rods). One rod being equal to 16.5 feet, and there you have it; our current standard of measurement for an acre of land - 43,560 sq. feet!

If you have any fun facts that you would like to share with us, please feel free to send them in and I will include them in this blog. I hope you enjoy these fun and quirky - Did you know?

Have a great day!

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