I believe there is an “artist” in all of us that it should be encouraged at an early age as it helps to balance us and speaks to our inner core. This creative energy may be a hobby that lets you unwind from the everyday or becomes the focus and passion in your life.

After years of hobbying (I know I just made up that word but like it) in various mediums, I decided it was time to turn hobby into the fulfillment of a dream. To let the artist inside create full-time and trust all will be taken care of.


Deep in the chapel chambers of ancient Egyptian tombs are found the earliest known records of jewelry making. Engraved on the stone walls are reproductions of Egyptian craftsman at work; cutting and engraving small gemstones. In many cultures jewelry was included in burials, and its durability to survive provides an opportunity for us to appreciate and understand the technology, customs and beliefs, artistry, and aesthetics of these cultures in distant time periods. The excavations of these sites also provide the most important evidence of long-distance connections between the cultures and trade routes that existed during those times with the importation of raw materials that were not available locally.